Welcome to 5 Elements Jewellery!

Rock pool

Thank you for joining me.

I really hope you enjoy browsing through my jewellery collection and reading the blogs I’ll be posting here. I will be writing about the gorgeous materials I’m privileged to work with, the inspiration behind 5 Elements Jewellery, and the people I meet along the way.

You may be wondering what the lovely rock pool above has to do with my jewellery – well, I’ll tell you. All semi-precious stones, sea shells and sea glass are linked in some way with the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and this beautiful, magical pool, in my favourite sandy cove, encapsulates all of them: earth is represented in spectacular fashion by this enormous boulder; air, by the breeze which gently ripples the surface of the pool; fire, by the heat of the sun on a glorious August day; and water – well, that speaks for itself.

People have been fascinated by semi-precious stones for thousands of years. From those earliest times right up to the present day, stones and minerals have been used as tools, carved, worn as jewellery, or collected simply for their beauty and mystique. They are rich in symbolism and vast tomes have been written about them. I read as much about them as I can get my hands on, from their structure, composition and hardness to their folklore, history and metaphysical attributes.

It is a fascinating, beautiful, magical world, and I hope you will come and explore it with me.

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