Scarf Pins and Brooches

My scarf pins are distinctly freeform, organic and quirky and are made from sterling silver with blunt pins suitable for use on loose weave fabrics. Please note that, although they are quite sturdy, they are mainly suitable for decorative purposes only (ie not for holding together the edges of a coat, for example). Brooches with sharp pins are on the way!

Black Banded Agate

This scarf pin is made with a black banded agate bead, which is associated with the element of fire. It is said to help restore energy and relieve stress and has long been prized as a protective stone. The shawl pin is 6cm long and 6cm wide. Price £25.


This scarf pin is made with a really vibrant abalone shell bead.
The pattern and play of colour reflects the tides and reminds us that, just like the tides, life is all about change, and that change can bring beauty to our lives. The scarf pin is just under 6cm long and 3.5cm wide. Price £20.

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