Sold Items and Commissions

Frosted fluorite

These simple, very pretty, earrings are made with fluorite, which is often known as the ‘student’s stone’ because it is believed to help organise the thoughts and promote analytical powers. The stone is associated with the element of water, and the beads used here have been frosted, which makes them look very much like sea glass. The length of the charm is 1.5cm, width 1cm. Price £12. (Similar earrings available in white frosted fluorite).

Rose Quartz

These simple, elegant, rose quartz earrings have been facet cut to give them extra sparkle. Rose quartz is much prized as a stone of unconditional love, comfort and peace. It’s a bit like giving yourself a big hug! The length of the charm is 4cm, width 1.5cm. Price £18

Red Agate

Blue John is only found in the hills around the Derbyshire village of Castleton and this lovely piece is from the New Miller’s Vein. Blue John is becoming increasingly rare, and is believed to bring peace, tranquility, and to help facilitate objectivity. This semi-translucent piece is wrapped in sterling silver wire. It is 6cm long and 3cm wide. It costs £65.

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