COASTAL COLLECTION: Pendants & Earrings

It can take a long time to find just the right sea glass to make a perfect pair of earrings. Decades of natural tumbling on ocean tides can turn scrap glass into lovely frosted gems, perfect for making beautiful pieces of jewellery which are both rare and precious. It is easy to see why these alluring gifts from the sea are sometimes called ‘mermaid tears’. Almost all the sea glass in my jewellery has been hand-collected by me and my partner, Clive, from the beautiful beaches of Northumberland.

My passion is to make sure that the right piece of jewellery reaches the right person and I’d be delighted to help you with your choice and to answer any questions you may have. Please just get in touch and we can take it from there. All my jewellery is wrapped in sterling silver and 14k goldfill wire, most of my pendants are sold with an 18″ silver chain and earrings are mounted on sterling silver hooks. All are gift-boxed, with an information card about the stones, and how to care for your jewellery.

I have made every effort to reproduce colours faithfully but some minor variations may occur occasionally. Please note that all sizes are approximate and prices do not include postage and packing.


Aqua Sea Glass and Grey Pearl

This is probably one of my favourite pieces, because it has a soft, organic feel to it which is a perfect reflection of the sea. The lovely pale aqua of the glass is complemented beautifully by the grey pearl. Pearls are said to help stabilise the emotions, fostering relaxation, an easy flow of feelings and sensitivity to others. The pendant is 6cm long and 2cm wide. Price £35.

Sea Pottery with Pearl and Sodalite

This highly unusual piece of pottery has been worn smooth naturally by the tides, hand-collected from the beach, drilled and decorated with a sterling silver starfish charm and beads of freshwater pearl and sodalite. Sea pottery is connected with the element of earth, while pearl and sodalite are connected with the element of water. The pendant is 5cm long and 2cm wide. Price £20 (chain not included).

Mussel Shell and Mermaid Beads

This natural mussel shell has been collected and drilled by me, and decorated with a silver bead. The glass beads inside the shell have been especially chosen to represent the colours of the sea and are suspended from a short length of silver chain to give them movement. The pendant is 6cm long and 2cm wide. Price £10.

Seafoam Sea Glass

Palest green, or ‘sea foam’, sea glass is wrapped in silver and framed with lovely elegant curves. The pendant is 6cm long and 3.5cm wide. Price £25.

‘Toffee Drop’ Sea Glass

OK, so ‘toffee drop’ may not be an official sea glass description but this lovely rich colour just reminded me of melted toffee. I have used some 14k goldfill in this wrap, to complement the richness of the colour, and the whole piece has a free and unrestrained feel to it. The pendant is 6cm long and 3cm wide. Price £30.

‘Mermaid Tears’ Sea Glass with Bead Banner

This statement piece is 10cm long and 4cm wide and looks fabulous on a long piece of cord or ribbon. The glass is an almost perfect oval in pure white and the banner features silver, sodalite and amethyst beads. Sodalite and amethyst are both associated with the element of water and together they are believed to be very calming, easing the over-active mind and helping to dispel fear, anger and anxiety. Price £35.

Red Sea Pottery and Heart Charm

This piece of pottery has been washed smooth by the tides, collected from the beach, drilled and decorated with a sterling silver bead and sterling silver heart. The pendant is 5cm long and 1 cm wide. Price £17.

‘Under the Sea’ Sea Glass

I’ve called this quirky little pendant ‘under the sea’ because the shape reminds me of a fish or even a submarine. I’ve mirrored the shape in a silver frame to enhance it, and some 14k goldfill wire gives it a little extra sparkle. The pendant is just over 4cm long and 5cm wide. Price £30.


Freshwater Pearl

These freeform ‘splash’ earrings are made with freshwater pearls, which are traditionally associated with love and, of course, the element of water, which rules intuition and the emotions. Pearls are believed to help stabilise the emotions, promote relaxation to help create an easy flow of feelings, acceptance of change, and sensitivity to others. The earrings are 4.2cm long and 2.2cm wide. Price £20.

2 thoughts on “COASTAL COLLECTION: Pendants & Earrings”

  1. Hi. I have been looking for a gift for a good friend for her 60th birthday. I really like the abalone shell pendant.
    Would it be possible to have it with a chain?
    I am on a bit of a time scale, her birthday is on Friday ( recently moved house) would that be possible.



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