My passion is to make sure that the right piece of jewellery reaches the right person and I’d be delighted to help you with your choice and to answer any questions you may have. All my earrings are wrapped in sterling silver and 14k goldfill wire and mounted on sterling silver hooks. They are gift-boxed, with an information card about the stones, and how to care for your jewellery. Measurements are for the charms only, and exclude the ear wires.

I have made every effort to reproduce colours faithfully but some minor variations may occur occasionally. Please note that all sizes are approximate and prices do not include postage and packing.

Rose Quartz and Rhodolite Garnet ‘Evening Star’

This lovely combination of stones is said to attract friendship and romance, while helping to keep your feet firmly on the ground by fostering your intuition and survival instinct. The beautifully clear rose quartz stars are set off with faceted rhodolite garnets for a little extra sparkle and movement. The earrings are 3cm long and 1cm wide. They cost £20.

Peridot ‘Snowflake’

I love the vibrant green of peridot, a stone which is associated with the element of earth and is said to foster independence in the wearer. Peridot is said to help us detach ourselves from outside influences and look instead inside ourselves for guidance. It is also said to be beneficial to the nervous system, and has been used to help calm raging anger, resentment and stress. In these earrings the stone is paired with sterling silver snowflake charms and sterling silver beads. The earrings are 3cm long and 1cm wide. They cost £30.

These freeform ‘splash’ earrings are made with amazonite and sodalite beads, a combination which helps to balance male and female energies, helping to dispel worry and fear and promote self-acceptance. The earrings are 5cm long and 2cm wide. Price £20.


These charming freeform earrings are designed to suggest butterfly wings. They are incredibly easy to wear and are decorated with fiery garnets to help generate the spark of creative passion! Garnets are believed to help remove inhibitions and fears and provide the impetus to move forwards. The earrings are 2cm long and 1.5cm wide. Price: £20.


These statement earrings are crafted from rhodochrosite, a stone which is associated with the element of fire. Rhodochrosite is believed to enhance feelings of self-worth and help to lift the mood. It is said to foster a feeling of ‘lightness’. The earrings are just over 5cm long and just over 2cm wide. Price £50.

Tiger’s Eye

These earrings are designed to complement my tiger’s eye pendant. I have used 9ct gold beads to complement the flashes of gold in the stones.
Tiger’s eye is associated with the element of fire, and has long been worn to protect people from danger. It is mostly associated with promoting confidence, especially with business and financial matters. The length of the charm is 2.5mm and 0.5cm wide. Price £15.

Red Agate

These earrings, with their 9ct gold beads, would complement my red jasper pendant. Red agate is associated with the element of fire and is said to promote strength of will and steadiness. The earring charm is 2.5cm long and 8mm wide. Price £16.

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